29 March 2019
The team of Antipinsky Refinery became the winner of "Ready for Work and Defense" city festival
Antipinsky oil refinery team took part in the Winter festival of the all-Russian sports complex "Ready for Work and Defense". The event was organized by the Department of sports and youth policy of the Tyumen administration.

The competition program included 7 disciplines, including: air rifle shooting, short and long distance running, strength gymnastics, long jump and skiing.

According to the results of the competition Antipinsky Refinery took third place in the team championship. As for individual competition three employees of the plant won gold, silver and bronze medals.

Antipinsky oil refinery traditionally takes part in regional sports events. So, for the introduction of standards in the framework of the winter and summer festivals "Ready for Work and Defense" and the city and regional sports festivals of labor collectives in 2018, five employees of the enterprise were awarded with gold "Ready for Work and Defense" signs.