23 January 2019
The specialist of Antipinsky Refinery became the winner of the competition "Engineer of Year"
The deputy technical director of production and technology of Antipinsky Refinery (is under control of JSC New Stream) Victor Belyakov became the winner of the interindustry regional competition "Engineer of Year". The Association of mechanicians, the Union of rectors of the Tyumen region, the Union of professional engineers and other profile organizations acted as organizers of an annual action.

Victor Belyakov gained the diploma of the II degree in the "Best Technological Engineering Project" nomination for development and implementation of the project on environmental protection and increase in production capacities of the enterprise. The group of technologists and designers under his management developed and introduced the technological scheme which allowed not only to reduce risks of atmospheric emissions, but also to increase the output of liquefied petroleum gas by 40%.

Within the project the by-product received on installation of deep processing of fuel oil – the crude hydrocarbon gas – instead of utilization goes to the hydrotreating block (section of the combined installation of production of high-octane gasolines) where undergoes additional filtration and reaches commodity quality. Further the product goes for realization as gas motor fuel.