29 December 2018
New Stream opens new filling stations in the south of the Tyumen region
The network of car refueling stations "New Stream" expands its presence in the Tyumen region: in the south of the region there are two new gas stations.

Gas station No. 101 is located on the Tyumen – Omsk highway on the 74th kilometer in the direction of movement towards Omsk. The property also has a shop where car owners can buy related products and hot drinks.

The second gas station of the network of gas stations "New Stream" opened in the city of Yalutorovsk. In addition to refueling the car at the station you can buy and related products.

Diesel fuel and gasoline grades AI-92, AI-95 of Euro-5 environmental standard, as well as liquefied hydrocarbon gases produced at Antipinsky refinery are sold at all New Stream gas stations.