JSC New Stream within the framework of strategic partnership manages companies engaged in oil production and refining, the largest of which is JSC Antipinsky Refinery.

The installed processing capacity of Antipinsky Refinery, located in the Tyumen region, exceeds 9 million tons per year, and the processing depth reached a record for Russia 98%, which allowed the company to completely abandon the production of fuel oil. The quality of motor fuel produced by Antipinsky Refinery complies with the Euro-5 standard.

Also under the management of JSC New Stream is the eponymous oil company engaged in exploration and preparation for the start of industrial production of hydrocarbons in the Mogutovsky, Gremyachevsky and Vorontsov fields in the Orenburg region.

Antipinsky Refinery processed 50 million tons of oil. Such volumes of processing plant reached in less than 13 years since the release of the first ba...
The complex of measures implemented in September-December 2018 allowed Antipinsky Refinery to operate without stopping production in the coldest days ...
Antipinsky Refinery in January 2019 started the implementation of motor gasoline of Euro-5 quality standard at the St. Petersburg International Commodity...
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